Stained Glass Solders

Solders for Stained Glass

All of our stained glass solders produce strong, reliable and long-lasting joints. Easy to use, they produce consistent results and age to an attractive patina. Our lead-free Wizard alloys perform as well as traditional solder that contain lead.

Hirsch Metals offers the greatest prices for small quantities. Contact us today for our current pricing. Lead-free solders come in 1 and 20 lb. spools. Leaded solders come in 1 and 25 lb. spools. All solders are certified to specification.

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Tin/Lead Series
Excalibur Tin-lead 63/37
Melting Temp
Free flowing eutectic low temperature solder, produces beautiful joints
Camelot Tin-lead 60/40376FMost popular solder, flows readily, a small pasty phase, looks great
Lancelot Tin-lead 50/50421FThe solder to use when cost is important. Slightly more difficult to use
Lead-Free Series
Wizard Sb
95% Tin/5% Antimony
464FThe lowest melting lead-free in the Hirsch line. Provides good wetting and sound joints.
97% Tin/3% Copper
590FHigh tensile strength. Use where environmental concerns are important
Wizard Ag
97% Tin 2.75% Copper 0.25% Silver
500FA superior high strength solder, with excellent patina. Excellent wetting.
We ship small quantities to end users.