Plumbing Solders

Plumbing Industry Solders

Lead-free solders are the most popularly used for environmental safety and must be used for items that contact potable water or food.

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AlloyLiquid FSolid FPaste FSuggested Uses
Wizard Sb
46445311The lowest melting lead-free solder and smallest pasty range. Provides good wetting sound joints.
590441149The most popular lead-free solder. Produces strong joints, easy to use.
Wizard Ag
97 Sn/2.75 Cu/0.25 Ag
500 399 101For ease of use excellent joint strength, Wizard Ag is the superior lead-free alloy.
50 Sn/50 Pb42136160Wiping and assembly of plumbing joints. (Not for Potable water supplies.)