Jewelry & Pewter Alloys

Jewelry & Pewter Casting Alloys

We have many casting alloys in our inventory and have listed some of our most popular casting alloys below. Our alloys produce crisp detail and a smooth finish that will take a high polish. Contact us for a custom made alloy today! We always strive to be the most competitive manufacturer of solder. Raw metal costs are constantly changing, so please call us for the latest pricing. Download the Jewelry Casting Alloy Selection Chart with our new, lead-free Optimum alloy series.

Pewter Alloys

Alloy no.TinAntimonyLead OtherLiquid FSolid FCasting F
Suggested Uses

White Metal, high tin alloys with excellent casting characteristics for tailored and elaborate filgree pieces and excellent plating adhesion. Increasing the antimony content gives greater hardness for polishing and fluidity for reproducibility. Increasing the lead content improves ductility if forming is required.These alloys have a low casting temperature for long mold life. The pasty range can be selected for variety of casting sizes. All lend themselves in different degrees to bending and pronging. Excellent for rings, pins, bangles and earrings.

Crown Pewter Series

Alloy no.TinAntimonyLead OtherLiquid FSolid FCasting F
CP1w/Ag927.50.05Cu .25Ag482468500-600
Suggested Uses

Lead-free durable pewter alloys have a fine grain, and silver white lustre. Excellent for large, intricate castings with delicate filigree work. High strength for large pieces and domestic flatware.

Optimum Series

Alloy no.TinAntimonyLead OtherLiquid FSolid FCasting F
Optimum 197002.5Bi .25Ag .25Cu441410500-600
Optimum 298001.5Bi .25Ag .25Cu447426500-600
Optimum 398.500449439500-600
Optimum 498.7500.5Bi .5Ag .25Cu454442500-600
Suggested Uses

Optimum alloys have high strength, hardness, low shrinkage, and excellent casting characteristics and are the most widely accepted for tailored and semi-tailored jewelry rich in elaborate filigree decoration.

Medium Grade Casting Alloys

Alloy no.TinAntimonyLead OtherLiquid FSolid FCasting F
36NC363610470358650 to 700
Suggested Uses

Suitable for inexpensive jewelry which must have attractive filigree or well textured surfaces.