Recycle Scrap Metal

The mine above ground is in strong demand!

Recycling metal is in everyone’s interest. Manufacturing with metal that doesn’t have to be mined is beneficial to the environment and lowers costs for manufacturers and, ultimately, end consumers. That’s why Hirsch Metals has been a metals recycler for over 30 years. Long before it was fashionable, we recognized that it was in the consumer’s best interest to recycle their scrap because the “mine above ground” is less expensive than the mine below.

Whether you are an individual scrap dealer or a large corporation, we can work with you throughout the scrap metal recycling process. Not only will we make sure that your scrap metal is handled in an environmentally friendly manner, we’ll also issue timely payment.

Hirsch buys the following metals in solid, dross and oxide forms:

  • Scrap Tin- including Tin Anodes found in plating shops
  • Copper- including No. 1 and No. 2; stripped wire
  • Solder- including slightly used or outdated jars of solder paste; wave solder solids, drips and dross; scrap radiator solder from re-core tanks; high-grade remelt babbitt
  • Lead- including soft lead; soft lead pipe; lead sheet; lead sleeves; soft lead strip; Lead Anodes found in plating shops
  • Zinc- including plated zinc; cast zinc; die-cast zinc; zinc clips
  • Linotype- including scrap metal from old hot press operations (please do not mix monotype and stereotype with load)
  • Pewter- including new or used pewter
  • Babbitt

All materials are handled in an environmentally sound fashion, respecting the laws of humankind and nature. Learn more about our metal recycling and environmental policies.