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Sell Scrap

Selling your metal scrap to Hirsch is easy and profitable.

Hirsch Metals has developed strong business relationships with smelters, ingot makers and manufacturers, both domestically and globally. These strategic business relationships, combined with the fact that we use raw materials in our manufacturing process, allow Hirsch to offer highly competitive scrap metal prices. In the event that Hirsch is unable to use your material immediately, we will call upon our business partners in order to determine where we can get you the best price.

Hirsch buys the following metals in solid, dross and oxide forms:

  • Scrap Tin- including Tin Anodes found in plating shops
  • Copper- including No. 1 and No. 2; stripped wire; EBM insulated, copper wire
  • Solder- including slightly used or outdated jars of solder paste; wave solder solids, drips and dross; scrap radiator solder from re-core tanks; high-grade remelt babbitt
  • Lead- including soft lead; soft lead pipe; lead sheet; lead sleeves; soft lead strip; Lead Anodes found in plating shops
  • Zinc- including plated zinc; cast zinc; die-cast zinc; zinc clips
  • Linotype- including scrap metal from old hot press operations (please do not mix monotype and stereotype with load)
  • Pewter- including new or used pewter
  • Babbitt
  • Yellow Brass
  • PDM Wire

*We will buy partial shipments and truckloads of mixed product.

Pewter (and Tin) is in.

Right now, we are especially interested in buying pewter scrap in small quantities. We will also buy tin bearing organ pipe.

How you can get started working with us.

We want to include you in our database of scrap metal sellers! Sign up for our mailing list and be one of the first to know when we are looking for a particular type of scrap metal.

Let us know what you have to sell via phone or through our website. Once you hear our prices, we know you will be very happy.

Payments are made promptly and as agreed to. You have our word on that!

Get the best price on your scrap metal.