Custom orders

Custom Alloys

At Hirsch Metals, we can create custom compositions for a variety of uses, across multiple industries. For over 30 years, we have been creating custom alloys and solders for use in electronics, costume jewelry, pewter casting and stained glass. Whether you need custom solder bars or ingots, we have the experts on staff to work out the specifications and ensure that you receive a manufactured product tailored specifically to your needs.

Quality Control

– All custom solders and pastes are made from virgin metals.
– All products are analyzed by an independent lab to assure specification compliance.
– We meet all of ISO9001:2000 quality requirements.
– We maintain lot traceability.

Expert Service

– Attention to detail and process control means we will meet your exact composition and purity requirements.
– Our experts are available to work with you to find the cause of any problem and initiate corrective and preventive action.
– Any products that you may feel are causing solder defects will be independently analyzed and compared with specifications that are on your purchase order. If the material is deemed to be out of specification, we will replace what you have not used.

Competitive Pricing

– Prices are never allowed to compromise quality.
– We control costs by purchasing raw materials from a worldwide network of suppliers.
– All manufacturing processes are tightly controlled for optimum efficiency.

We can work with a variety of alloy families, including: copper, tin, lead, silver, bismuth, antimony or zinc in various alloy configurations and sizes.

Examples of Custom Compositions:

  • Optimum 2
  • Wizard Ag
  • Zinc Casting Alloys
  • Pewter Sheet

Let us provide a specialty metal for your application. Contact us for a quote.